2022 Breckenridge Box Invitational

Coming soon!

Registration & Team Cost

Teams will be guaranteed 4 games during the 3-day tournament.

A certified athletic trainer will be on site for each game. 

Outdoor open-air fully covered NLL size turf floor.

Certified box officials.

Cost: $1,200 per team.

Email to register


  • NLL rules with a few modifications.

  • Shot clock: 30 seconds, clearing time is 10 seconds.

  • Wooden sticks and large goalie sticks or walls are NOT allowed.

  • Goals: NLL size 4′ by 4’9″.

  • Playing Time: 3 × 15 minutes running time periods. During the last 2 minutes of the game, clock stops with the whistle. 1 minute breaks between periods.

  • Time-outs: each team shall be allowed one 30 second time-out per game. Championship game, two 30 second time-outs. There are no timeouts in overtime.

  • Overtime: One 5 minute sudden victory period will be played. There are no timeouts in overtime (timeouts do not carry over from regulation). If the score remains tied after 5 minutes there will be a 3 man shootout.

  • Rosters: 20 player maximum per team (including goalies). Each player can only be rostered and play for one team.

  • Time-served penalty releases: In the case that a penalty which impacts the manpower on the floor expires during a dead-ball situation, due to the running clock, the player may not exit the penalty box until live play is whistled in.

  • Fighting is not permitted at any time. All fighting will result in a major penalty, a game misconduct, and immediate ejection from the tournament. 

  • Too many men penalty inside 2:00 or in overtime results in a penalty shot.

  • Teams are required to have matching box sweaters/jerseys including matching shorts. Two sets of uniforms are welcome but not required. In the case that opponents have similar uniform colors, a set of jerseys will be available for one of the teams.

  • This tournament is a promotion of the game of lacrosse to the public and the media in Breckenridge, we ask all players to play fair and within the rules and spirit of the game.


Stephen C. West Arena

189 Boreas Pass Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424 

Stephen C. West Arena is the premier setting for box lacrosse in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Located 9,600 feet above sea level in beautiful Breckenridge, CO.

This event will feature a full size NLL turf floor with dashers and new carpet. The arena is outdoors with the luxury of a fully covered open-air rink to enjoy the fresh mountain air.